Name:  Nancy Bouchard

How long have you been a FMBCF member? Three years
(but this one seems like 10 … !)

What position do you hold with the organization? President

Why did you become involved with the FMBCF? Because Sheryl Bowman and Corri Francisco asked me while I dressed up at the Beach Baptist Halloween Trunk or Treat two months after I started my practice on the beach.  (Yes, the dentist was handing out candy!)  Then, it was an invitation from Anne Byron to the gala that year that kept me coming!

What Fundraisers/Service Projects have you been involved in, and in what capacity?  Just a volunteer at stuff

What are your goals for the FMBCF for the upcoming year? During this pandemic, geez, I’d love to:

  • raise enough funds to make a real difference in the lives of the people who live on the beach.
  • empower members to volunteer and support our mission
  • provide opportunities for members to establish long lasting friendships

Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share? During the last 3 ½ years as the only dentist on the island, I have experienced Hurricane Irma (only 10 days after I started!), Red Tide, the Corona Pandemic, and even another hurricane with ETA.  It seems to be that these struggles are what sets Fort Myers Beach apart.  We get through these times together.  I moved here a few months ago and realize that this neighborly world is real.  We care about each other.  I am home.  I thank the Community Foundation for being a place where I have met wonderful people, no wonderful friends.  Thank you all!