Name: Alicia Steinhagen

How long have you been a FMBCF member? I have been a member since the Foundation’s inception and originally joined the Pilot Club in 2009.

What position do you hold with the organization? I am currently the Secretary however I have held various director positions in the past.

Why did you become involved with the FMBCF? While I don’t live on Ft. Myers Beach I have a tremendous fondness for it and have always supported KLCB in their efforts to protect our beaches and waterways. I can admittedly go a bit nuts over beach (or any kind of) trash and the Foundation’s efforts to support those efforts speaks to my soul.

What Fundraisers/Service Projects have you been involved in, and in what capacity? As mentioned, the KLCB initiatives of beach cleanup and Monofilament Madness are favorites. Over the years, I have supported various fashion shows, parades, balls and galas, bingo, ACT nights and Beach school events. I am a “joiner” by nature and have issues with saying no so there isn’t much I haven’t tried…

What are your goals for the FMBCF for the upcoming year? I’d love to see a greater participation by the membership as a whole. Like most organizations, the 80/20 rule applies and I feel strongly that the future success of the foundation will require more than a minority of members supporting our efforts.

Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share? I still work full time as a Sales Director for a division of Cigna and Express Scripts, the 90 day, mail order pharmacy. My husband and I are Florida residents but spend 3-4 months each summer in SW Michigan close to family and friends. After living here 5 years full time, we decided getting away during the summer and hurricane season is a lovely escape!

ALICIA-STEINHAGEN-fmb community foundation-board member