Name:  Jessica Hernstadt

How long have you been a FMBCF member? Three years 

What position do you hold with the organization? Communications Lead

Why did you become involved with the FMBCF? When I moved to Fort Myers Beach I wanted to become part of an organization that gives back to the community.  I joined the FMBCF because it helps our community members in so many ways; through scholarships and job training, providing donations of food and groceries, and elementary school education programs, to name a few.

What Fundraisers/Service Projects have you been involved in, and in what capacity? I have volunteered with the silent auctions for a number of our fundraisers. I also have volunteered at STEM night, beach cleanups and monofilament madness.

What are your goals for the FMBCF for the upcoming year? I would like to see us continue to reach out to our community members, identify needs, and fundraise to meet those needs.

Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share?  I love living and working on Fort Myers Beach! I am a practicing attorney here on Fort Myers Beach. My husband Roger and I share two adult sons, Aidan and Matthew, and our beloved dog, Maya.  We love to travel and spend time with family.

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