Name:  Mary Wright

How long have you been a FMBCF member? I joined this year!

What position do you hold with the organization?  Board member

Why did you become involved with the FMBCF?  Wanted to do my part to make FMB a great place, and to meet new friends.

What Fundraisers/Service Projects have you been involved in, and in what capacity?  None so far. 

What are your goals for the FMBCF for the upcoming year? To utilize new tools for fundraising so as to continue to make a difference.  I’d like to contribute to being sure our mission is clear and acted upon. 

Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share?  My husband and I bought a house on FMB 3 years ago and now split our time between here and Orleans MA.  So, we go from one hurricane prone, barrier island tourist destination where you can’t make left turns during the season, to another.  I work for the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation where I manage a national apprenticeship program to train HR specialists.  My biggest hobby is walking our golden retriever twice a day and keeping in touch with our friends on zoom.  We have four children – 3 in Brooklyn and one outside Hartford that we wish we could see more!